Decor Trends 2023

Nature-inspired décor: One of the top trends is nature-inspired decor. From earthy tones to natural materials like wood and stone, designers predict a move toward bringing the outdoors in. Botanical prints, leafy patterns, and floral motifs will be popular, and we may...

Benefits of Modular Housing 

Modular housing is becoming increasingly popular in today's world as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional site-built homes. Modular homes are built off-site in a factory and then transported to the building site in modules, which are then...

4 Top Trends in Home Decor & Design 
Dec 19, 2022

A little design inspiration for you. 


Blue kitchen cabinets continue to be a thing. After white, blue remains top choice for home buyers and renovators. 

Focus on Home Offices 

With working from home becoming more mainstream, designers and home buyers are paying more attention to these important spaces, even in the most modest square footage. 

Beautify Utilitarian Spaces  

Sexy Laundry – move over minimalist laundry rooms, people are looking for floating shelves, beautiful artwork, backsplashes and custom lighting.  

Mudrooms – clever built-in storage and chic modern designs are in high demand for busy on-the-go families. 

Natural Materials 

The use of wood, cotton, jute, stone and bamboo remain high. Indoor plants and comfortable natural materials top the home decor stores.  


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