Finding Land

Finding Land for Your Modular Home

Welcome to our guide for finding the perfect site for your new modular home!
You have heard the old adage for real estate…it’s all about location, location, location! Finding vacant land, or potentially a site with a property suitable for demolition and replacement, is typically one of the first steps in the journey into buying a new modular home.
Building a modular home offers numerous advantages, such as cost-efficiencies, stronger buildings, more eco-conscious construction, and faster construction timelines. However, none of that really matters if you don’t have a spot to place your home. Before embarking on the final leg of your modular home buying journey, it really is essential to determine the final physical location of your home.
Where you live – the land that you build your home on – is the one feature that you cannot change, and it will affect every aspect of your life, so it is indeed, worthy of significant consideration. We are so happy to be a resource for you as you make your choices.
Please check out the guidebook we’ve sorted for your choice of lifestyle.
Farm and Acreage

Privacy, ample space and a connection to nature. An enviable lifestyle.

Cottage and Lake Lots


Modular Housing Communities

Live among like-minded neighbors, in a safe and secure community.

Urban Infill

For those that love the allure of the city and all that it offers.

Zoning Considerations

Wherever you hope to place your new home, you will need to obtain building and development permits. In order to do that, your home will need to be compliant within the zoning bylaws and architectural controls of the development and municipality. Some development offices may not be immediately familiar with modular construction and might assume that all factory built homes look the same, it is a common misconception. What is important to remember here is that modular construction is a method of construction, not a style of house.

Exact restrictions will be dependent on restrictions that the municipality has placed on things like size and shape of the home, it really should not be dependent on whether the home is factory or site-built. If you aren’t sure about the bylaws for the area you are considering, we are happy to help you look into it and give you some guidance on where to find the information.

The Modular Housing Association, Prairie Provinces, has developed a document for permitting officers in order to support municipalities when considering modular homes for placement