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Quick Possessions - For Ultimate Convenience

Finding the perfect home is an exciting, but sometimes challenging journey. Some home buyers find the process of making design choices exhilarating, but for others, it can be intimidating or tiresome. Opting for a quick possession home can eliminate those concerns altogether – you can typically walk through the home, see, touch and feel the features and the living space in a way that can’t be done in a custom design.

Need a new home fast? We can help

Sometimes, buyers might seek the quick convenience and hassle-free experience of buying a quick possession home because there has been a shift in their circumstance and they just need a new home fast.
Whatever your reasons, we are happy to help. Pleasant Homes always has a variety of new and pre-loved homes available for quick deliveries and quick possessions.

Quick possession homes offer numerous advantages for homebuyers to consider

Convenience, time and financial savings, elimination of anxiety and the enjoyment of a stress-free moving experience. It just might be a practical and efficient solution for you and the key to finding your dream home.

Benefits of Quick Possession Homes

  • Cost Savings

    As builders, we have already invested in the construction process and are often motivated to sell the property promptly, typically inspiring us to offer an incentive of sorts. With rising material cost and interest rates sometimes changing rapidly, we also might be able to sell the home at a significantly lower price than if we were to start the process at the newer prices.

  • Avoid Uncertainty

    Designing and building a home can be an uncertain process. Unforeseen obstacles can impact timelines. Even with modular homes, weather can influence delivery timelines and shipping of materials.

  • Time Savings

    This can often be the most compelling reason to choose a quick possession home. If you need a new home fast, we got you covered. We can deliver a home in our inventory, often as quickly as you can pull the permits.