Farms and Acreages

Existing Farms

We Understand that Farming is a Way of Life

At Pleasant Homes, we respect that you might be pressed for time and we understand that the cows need to be fed every day. We understand that spring is calving season and fall is harvest and you might have a very small window of time to get your new home purchased. We are happy to work with you on virtual tours, and narrow the search for you via email.

More often than not, when we see new modular homes going out onto farms, one of the family members might be buying out another and/or installing a new home on an existing farm property. Subdivision of existing land might be required, or sometimes it is as simple as selecting a spot on the farm and running the services to your site.

Either way, we are experts in the field and happy to support you in the process. If you need support and recommendations regarding financing the project, Farm Credit Canada is a great resource for you if you’d like to learn more about some of your financing options; or you can work with our preferred lender and start exploring your options today.

New Farms

We don’t see many situations where someone is just getting started, buying a farm, but we are so excited when it happens! Escaping the rat race, living in the country and building your own farming business is an increasingly appealing lifestyle for young families. If that’s what you’re doing, (1) We applaud you! (2) Here’s a great article for a little more inspiration, from – Starting a Small Farm Business.

Pleasant Homes has over four decades of experience in this industry, we understand thoughtful features that farmers and ranchers might want to consider in their new modular home for the farm or ranch, along with the things you might want to consider about placing your new modular home on your land.

In terms of sourcing the land for a new farming business, we would recommend you work with a qualified realtor for the municipality you are considering. There are also commercial realty agents that specialize in finding these types of properties; along with firms that are acting as agents for farmers who want to sell their existing businesses.

Area One Farms

Expansion and investment partners, offering profitable farmers the ability to expand, add value and sustain assets.

Farming Frontiers

A great website dedicated to starting your own farm, consulting services available

How to Buy Agriculture Land in Canada

Information and Resources compiled by Agri-Land Canada

Purchasing a Farm

Words and advice from Western Financial Group

We understand that land is more than farms and crops. It is your family’s heritage and future. It would be our honour to be a part of that.

The Acreage Lifestyle

Living in the country, close to the city? Best of both worlds!

Peace and quiet, being one with nature, more privacy and all those amazing things make acreage living a very desirable life. Living on a property that spans one or more acres of land offers privacy, ample space and an opportunity to connect with nature that you might miss living in an urban centre. Acreages can mean modest rustic properties or sprawling estate style living.

This beautiful life is also a lifestyle that we recommend that you go into with eyes wide open – it pays to do your homework in order to avoid costly mistakes. We recommend that you work with a qualified realtor experienced in these types of properties, and encourage you to consider things like utilities, power, water, septic, water tables, and access routes.

Sometimes it might make more sense and be more affordable to demolish an existing home, rather than trying to run in all new services and utilities. Pleasant Homes can help you with the demolition or relocation of an old mobile home or existing house, while helping you coordinate your new modular home build.