Modular Advantage

What is modular construction?

Modular is a construction process where homes are built off-site, in a climate-controlled factory environment, and then transported and installed onsite. The term “modular” is often confused as a style of house when in fact it is simply a method of construction. It is the way the home is built, not the way it looks.

Almost every housing style today is built using at least some components of factory built efficiencies (“pre-fabricated”…meaning built in a factory and shipped to site).

Modern modular homes are factory built, in a climate-controlled setting using state of the art technologies to support certified tradespeople with their meticulous craftmanship. A single section home, or RTM (“Ready to Move”) would typically built to about 95% completion; a “true modular” home is typically shipped to site in modules and then the finishing work is completed on site.

Modular construction is a super efficient building process, enabling builders to eliminate weather delays, on-site vandalism, theft, and minimize waste. That all translates to cost and time savings. Look to modular construction if you want your project to be more environmentally friendly, delivered on time, on budget and without hassle.

Pleasant Homes is really proud to be working with SRI Regent and SRI Shelter as our construction partner, building some of the strongest homes in the industry. 100% Canadian Built by Canadian tradespeople.

Our Modular Advantage

Modular construction is revolutionizing the home building process. It has many advantages over traditional site building methodologies and is widely recognized as a more efficient process. Indeed, many site builders are now using factory built and pre-fab components in part or for the entirety of the build. Here are our top six reasons we believe modular is a better way to build:

Modular homes are typically more affordable than traditional site-built homes.

Highly customisable

Modular homes can be built in a wide range of sizes and styles, making them suitable for a variety of locations and lifestyles.


built in a controlled factory environment, modular homes are subject to rigorous quality control inspections at every stage of construction. Further, they are built to withstand transport, making them a stronger home.

Environmentally Friendly

if climate change and sustainability is important to you, modular construction is the most environmentally friendly way to build.


If time is money, modular homes can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional home. Site preparation can also take place at the same time, furthering the speed of the build.

Energy Efficiency

Factory built technologies result in precise installation of insulation, resulting in a home that is better insulated and more energy-efficient.

Learn more on our Blog

Increasingly, land developers, municipalities and First Nations are turning to modular and pre-fab housing to solve immediate housing crises. Check out our webpage, In the News, to learn more about all the cool things going on provincially, nationally, and internationally with modular construction.

Benefits of Pleasant Homes Modular Construction

Time Savings
Cost Savings
Built in
Barrier Free

Fully customizable and stackable!

Think of your modular home or commercial development similar to how you would assemble Lego pieces to create a structure. When making a Lego house, you may choose to build the basement, the main floor, and the second storey all separately, but fuse them together at completion. That’s kind of what we do, but we get have fun with cranes and stuff!

Conceptually, modular homes and commercial developments are constructed similarly to that Lego village you built as a kid.

When it comes to creating your dream home or commercial development, let your creative juices flow, the sky is the limit!

The highly customizable nature of our home building process along with the flexible mind-set of Pleasant Homes’ smart problem-solvers allows us to offer complete barrier-free builds, full turn-key options and delivery to just about everywhere. We haven’t met a location that beat us yet, although some are certainly easier than others! Remote construction is reduced to site preparation when you choose modular, highly simplifying the build. We do the rest!

Consistent quality production

State of the art technical precision, combined with skilled Canadian tradespeople and assembly line efficiencies ensures that we are able to meet or exceed our construction quality and timeline expectations. We deliver quality construction – on time, on budget.

Controlled environment

Building indoors allows us to adhere to high standards of sanitization, protecting our employees and the elements going into your home from any potential environmental hazards. No less than twelve separate inspection stages are performed on each home from electrical circuit tests, plumbing tests and water line tests to high pressure compressed air, finishing and exterior tests. All of our homes are built to comply with the building code of the municipality in which the home will be situated.