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Current Pre-Loved Homes Available for Quick Possession


Sometimes a “new to you” but pre-loved home can be the answer to budget constraints. These are usually budget friendly options, whether the home is located on an existing site or needs to be relocated.

If the home is being sold with the land, then pre-loved homes often give you an option to see the home in its well-established community, with the landscaping, deck and fencing already completed for you. Possession dates can often be negotiated and quick possessions easily available since the home is already built and ready for occupancy.

Did you know we take homes on trade? If you are buying a new home from us, we are happy to help you out if you have an older home that needs to be sold to make room for your new home by listing it here for you at no cost.

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Pre-Owned Home Inspections

Pleasant Homes does not offer warranty of any sort on any pre-owned mobile, manufactured or modular homes. We would recommend you have a professional home inspection so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Find a Certified Home Inspector in Alberta.

Finding flaws in something that has already been lived in is to be expected and not immediately concerning. If the home has more flaws than you were expecting for that price point, you may be able to use that as a negotiation tool with the seller.

In general, there are some specifics you will want to consider when purchasing a pre-owned home.

  • Foundation – If you’re buying a home that will be remaining on its existing site, you will want to verify the condition of the foundation, blocking or pilings. Take note that if you are financing the home, it is a CMHC requirement that the home is anchored
  • Skirting – You will also want any skirting to be ventilated, but dry and intact. Watch for mold and other potential issues if the skirting is not ventilated.
  • Leaks – Water damage can be an indication of a bigger problem. Your Inspector will have a look are sinks, toilets, tubs, showers along with the edges around the roof, and windows.
  • Ceilings – Look for discolouration that might indicate a leaking roof issue.
  • Insulation – The year of the build will dictate the insulation values that the home would have been built with. You might want to consider upgrading the insulation to bring the home up to today’s building codes. Learn more about energy-efficiency in Canadian homes.
  • Additions, Plumbing & Electrical – These are things we would highly recommend you have checked by a professional. There can be costly repairs that need to be done, and significant safety risks if the previous homeowner didn’t maintain the home or did work incorrectly
  • CSA Labels – These should never be removed. If you are able to retrieve the CSA number, make and model of the home, you may be able to retrieve valuable home owner manuals and the like from the manufacturer.

Financing Pre-Owned Homes

Financing older mobile and manufactured homes is becoming increasingly difficult, especially if the home is on leased land. After over forty years in the business, Pleasant Homes has established excellent partnerships with local lenders and would be happy to make a referral for you. For more information, please check out our webpage on Financing.