Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

We actually can’t answer that for you because the decision to buy is highly personal, and – is it is your first house, the decision is monumental. We do know that if you are considering buying a new home now, you likely won’t want to wait. No one wants to wait to start building their […]

Ready to Upgrade to a Cottage?

Have you and your family been dreaming of a new cottage? Discussing how to upgrade from the RV, your fifth wheel or your super cute tent into a four-season cottage? Pleasant Homes can totally help you out! We can even help you sell that RV.  We have several options to choose from – when it […]

4 Top Trends in Home Decor & Design

A little design inspiration for you.  Blues  Blue kitchen cabinets continue to be a thing. After white, blue remains top choice for home buyers and renovators.  Focus on Home Offices  With working from home becoming more mainstream, designers and home buyers are paying more attention to these important spaces, even in the most modest square […]

5 Reasons to Build in the Winter

Skip the weather delays, long lead times, and wait times for permits and get a jump on your new home construction by getting started in the winter. Beat the spring rush Have you ever considered how long it takes to build your modular or manufactured home? Typically, about a week (at least the 85% of […]

Why Millennials Love Modular Homes

Generation Y (more commonly known as “millennials”) are people aged 25 to 40, born between 1981 and 1996. The Financial Post reports that more than 4 million Canadians of this generation are wanting to get into home ownership, despite historically high real estate prices. While modular and manufactured homes are typically more affordable than building […]