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City Living

Subdivision or inner city? We can do both!

We understand the allure of the city, especially in the prairie provinces and northern territories where urban lots can still be quite affordable. If you’re living in the city, you are likely already surrounded by modern modular or prefab construction, you just don’t know it! That’s because modular is a construction method, not a design style. Most site builders are using some degree of modular or prefab construction.

Subdivision (new development)

Traditionally, in the city, most site builders will negotiate with the developer to buy parcels of land within a new subdivision, agree to the architectural controls, then build the house. It is sold to the end user either before, during or after construction. Some developments have exclusivity agreements with builders, but not always! Often developers will sell lots privately, allowing you to choose your own builder. Note that your home will need to conform to the architectural controls of the community. You typically will not be permitted to place a 1600 square foot RTM on one level into a city subdivision full of two-storey homes, for instance. If there is a community that you really want to live in, your best bet is to work with a qualified Realtor who can introduce you to the developer.

Infill properties

In the city, we often work with customers on their infill project and usually with existing homes that might require demolition. Again, we are going to recommend you work with a qualified Realtor on finding the perfect lot and talk to us before you remove conditions. The professionals at Pleasant Homes will work with you to help you map out the rest of the details. Things to consider would be demolition of the existing home, access routes, service installation, permits, module transportation, foundation installation, crane access and soil conditions. We have never met a site that we couldn’t get into, some are just easier than others and thoughtful consideration should be placed to determine each piece of the puzzle. If you choose to work with Pleasant Homes, the great news is that we can coordinate all of these pieces on your behalf.

Consulting with professionals and understanding your financing options will help you navigate this process successfully.