Indigenous Housing

Modular construction

Modular construction offers significant advantages over traditional site-built projects for First Nations and housing projects for indigenous communities. While we recognize there is no one-size fits all solution and we value respectful collaboration, Pleasant Homes understands many of the unique needs and challenges faced by indigenous communities across the prairie provinces. We have been partnering with First Nations for over 40 years to offer strong, safe, and durable homes designed to last a lifetime.

Farm and Acreage
Community Buildings

Offering a Quick Response to Immediate Housing Needs

Short-term rapid solutions.

Pleasant Homes modular construction process can offer affordable and fast short-term solutions for mobile homes on First Nations to serve as quick and temporary solutions to address immediate housing needs while more permanent housing solutions are planned and being constructed.

Unique Challenges

We know that housing on First Nations is a complex and multifaceted issue. Pleasant Homes modular housing solutions can serve to support some of those challenges.
Flexible and scalable

Modules can be built to be flexible and scalable to adjust to a community’s changing needs.

Easily transportable

Homes can be designed to be easily transported to remote or hard to reach regions and isolated communities. These same modules can be set up so that they can later be moved around the community as required.


Our modular and manufactured homes can be cost-effective with streamlined efficiencies. This can be beneficial for communities with limited budgets and funding constraints.

Community involvement

We can use your trades and local employees to support the onsite construction.

Cultural Sensitivity and Tradition

We understand that your community’s building should respect and incorporate traditional cultural practices and designs.

Respect for the Land

Pleasant Homes also shares a respect for the land and we work hard with our partner communities to minimize disruptions to the site and community, preserve the trees, and map out the most respectful and least invasive transport process to get to the end destination.

If environmental considerations are a priority, there is likely no better choice than factory-built housing.

What our Partners Are Saying

“Our Nation has been purchasing from Pleasant Homes for the past few years. Our purchasing ranges from 3-4 units per year with as many as 20 homes in one year, regardless of the size of the order, Pleasant Homes has always enthusiastically provided us with great service. The homes arrived in a timely manner and the onsite work has been done quickly and efficiently. If there were any issues, they were quick to provide the service necessary to correct the matter.

I would recommend purchasing from Pleasant Homes, Gary provided fair, competitive pricing and Simon being boots on the ground kept the communication open and transparent. The homes are beautiful and functional and can be customized to meet any budget. A huge thank you to the service you provided to our Nation, we would definitely consider using Pleasant Homes for any additional purchasing in the future.”

– Cindy Miller, Fort McMurray 468 First Nation