Modular solution

Pleasant Homes offers modular construction solutions for First Nations and municipalities, land developers, businesses, land-owners and real estate professionals. Our managed development process helps us create a unique, flexible and trusted partnership with our clients. We care about delivering a high-end, fully customizable solution to your construction and development needs.

When Time is Money, Modular Has the Advantage

Modular construction can deliver tremendous competitive advantages to commercial developers, municipalities and First Nations looking to solve almost any construction needs. When time is money, modular has the advantage.

Pleasant Homes’ modern modular construction process offers developers quicker returns on investment.

Modular advantages include reduced overhead, significant waste reduction, onsite construction noise reduction, reduced onsite theft, vandalism and labour delays, which all translates into development savings. Savings = a more profitable investment and a quicker turnaround to start earning revenue on your project.

Modern modular construction allows for a highly customizable product that can be built faster, more efficiently and greener within a controlled environment.

Modular is a Method of Construction, Not a Style of Building

We are not limited by the style of the home or project, modular construction is well-suited to projects such as hotels, motels, condominiums, townhouses, apartments, seniors’ housing projects, day cares, office buildings, work camps and many others. Pleasant Homes will ensure that whatever your project is, we will meet all building codes and any necessary architectural controls of the community.

Modular vs. Site-Built

Choosing between modular construction and site-building depends on a variety of factors, each with its own advantages. Factors like access routes, site conditions and design complexity can influence your choices. Developers should conduct their own feasibility studies, but here are some reasons you might want to consider modular for your commercial construction needs:

What to consider

Speed of construction

Modular almost always offers faster construction timelines because you can be completing the site work while modules are being manufactured, reducing overall construction time.

Cost efficiency

Shorter project durations, reduced labour and material waste, and factory-buit efficiencies typically result in cost savings. Developers may also benefit from shorter financing periods with modular construction, as the project can be completed faster, reducing interest and carrying costs.

Predictable scheduling

Modular construction provides a more predictable construction schedule, as it is less susceptible to weather related delays and site specific building challenges. Weather conditions can significantly impact site-built construction schedules, leading to delays and cost overruns. Modular construction is less susceptible to these weather-related challenges.

Reduced site disruption

Modular construction minimizes on-site disruption and noise pollution since a significant portion of the construction work is completed off-site. This can be especially advantageous in urban areas or sensitive environments.

Design flexibility and scalability

Modular construction is not limited in terms of design creativity. Modules can be customized and combined in various configurations to create unique and innovative structures. Modular construction allows for easy scalability and expansion. Additional modules can be added to existing structures as needed, making it adaptable to changing project requirements.

Consistency and quality control

Modular construction ensures a consistent level of quality across multiple units or buildings, making it suitable for projects that require uniformity, such as hotels, multi-family housing, or student dormitories. Modules are constructed in a controlled factory environment, reducing the impact of weather conditions and ensuring consistent quality. Quality control measures are more easily implemented in a factory setting, with robust scheduling of inspections, at every stage of completion.

It’s better for the environment

Modular construction can be more sustainable as it often generates less waste, consumes fewer resources, and has a smaller carbon footprint due to its streamlined processes.

Our process​

Part of our process is to carefully inspect the environment, site and developer requirements before presenting our solution. We believe in mapping out every detail, to ensure the successful and timely completion of our projects. We are not limited by location, scope of work or mindset. We can be as creative as you need us to be.

Why us?​

At Pleasant Homes, we have the knowledge and industry experience required for large or small commercial developments. We have successfully built offices, camps and large-scale accommodations for big industry projects. We have even partnered on the construction of shower units for Boyle Street Community Services.

We are creative, innovative and never scared of a challenge. We recognize that as a real-estate developer you have very specific needs, and sensitive timelines.

Your desire to unlock the power of modular construction, paired with our excellent reputation for integrity, relationship building, and over four decades of project management experience should make Pleasant Homes your first choice.