Decor Trends 2023

Nature-inspired décor: One of the top trends is nature-inspired decor. From earthy tones to natural materials like wood and stone, designers predict a move toward bringing the outdoors in. Botanical prints, leafy patterns, and floral motifs will be popular, and we may...

Benefits of Modular Housing 

Modular housing is becoming increasingly popular in today's world as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional site-built homes. Modular homes are built off-site in a factory and then transported to the building site in modules, which are then...

Ready to Upgrade to a Cottage?
Jan 10, 2023

Have you and your family been dreaming of a new cottage? Discussing how to upgrade from the RV, your fifth wheel or your super cute tent into a four-season cottage? Pleasant Homes can totally help you out! We can even help you sell that RV. 

We have several options to choose from – when it comes to cabins and cottages, we specialize in custom modular building, and we are one of the few modular cottage builders in Alberta that can offer full turnkey packages. Full turnkey, means we can manage the entire project for you from start to finish, including permits. No need for you to manage all of the trades, we can do that. We even help you build your deck with built in hot tub to enhance your outdoor living area.


Through the magic of modern modular construction – you can have your new cottage built and delivered, typically within 8 weeks from deposit. Which means that you could be enjoying your lake lot in your beautiful new cottage before the snow is finished melting. 

We have six standard cottage plans available that our designers have thoughtfully planned out, but if you have something else in mind, we are happy to partner with you on building it. Custom design your plan, put your special touches on with your custom fit and finishings. 

We would love to help you design your dream modular vacation home, and ensure we are maximizing your views, while minimizing your costs. We do not carry a lot of overhead managing “super-centers”, or carrying millions of dollars in inventory, so we are typically able to offer superior pricing and value. 

Want to live in your cabin year-round, or perhaps do some ice fishing at the lake? We’ve got you covered – all of our modular cottage series homes are built for four seasons, to withstand our tough Alberta climate. Our prices always include skirting (supplied and installed) and delivery of the home within 100 miles. Prices starting from $127 ft/square. 

 Ready to get started building your modular cottage?

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Give us a call 780-939-3584.Your dream cottage awaits…let’s build it together! 

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