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Why Millennials Love Modular Homes

Generation Y (more commonly known as “millennials”) are people aged 25 to 40, born between 1981 and 1996. The Financial Post reports that more than 4 million Canadians of this generation are wanting to get into home ownership, despite historically high real estate prices.

While modular and manufactured homes are typically more affordable than building on site, attractive price points are not the only reason cost-conscious millennials are flocking to modular construction.

Flexible Design

Millennials value personalization and modular homes are enormously customizable. The modular construction process enables customization that is second to none – you can readily make edits and changes to floor plans and select the finishings you prefer for your truly unique design.

Environmentally Friendly

Millennials are mindful of the environment and modular housing is a better way to build. It is more environmentally friendly than site building; it is a sustainable and green building process. There is less disruption to the land and building site, it produces less waste in materials, and the waste that is generated is easily recycled. It is estimated there is a 50-70% reduction in waste with modular construction. Read more.

Durable and Strong

The new generation of modular and manufactured homes are some of the more rigorously tested and permitted structures around. They are precision built in climate controlled, state of the art factories.

“Prefabricated construction can lead to higher quality housing because the units are built using precise measurements and the indoor process protects units from damage from the elements and allows for close supervision of every part of the construction process.” – BC Housing Report


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