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Benefits of Modular Housing 

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100% Canadian Built
Mar 20, 2023

It is an extraordinary time. You have a lot of choices as a home buyer and you are being called upon now, more than ever, to support local businesses. You’ll be happy to know that Pleasant Homes is proudly 100% Canadian. Our homes are built right here on the Canadian prairies, by talented Canadian tradespeople, and all of the materials that go into them are sourced from Canadian suppliers. 

Pleasant Homes is also a proud supporter of our local businesses and when we’re building in rural Canada or on First Nations, we work vigilantly to ensure we use their local trades wherever we can. We’re members of our local Chambers of Commerce and actively support our local community.

Why Buy Canadian?  

You might be surprised to learn that not all modular home retailers are building their homes in Canadian factories. It’s an important question to ask your builder.

Buying Canadian homes that are designed and built by the folks who live in and understand our harsh Canadian climate not only makes sense, but it also stimulates the Canadian economy.

Buying local has a direct impact, in so many positive ways. Here are a few of our favourites…

·        Most new jobs are provided by local businesses. Local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. They are the job creators, the supporters of our local charities, and the ones that are invested in our local community’s welfare.

·        Shopping and buying local helps grow other small businesses. Growing other small businesses helps them to shop local, too, and supports the local tax base, which means that things like parks and playgrounds get built for our children.  

·        Local businesses create the character of the community. The unique character of your local community is largely defined by the businesses that reside there. A thriving community will also attract more businesses to start up there, increasing competition and options for consumers.

·        Flourishing communities support investment by builders and developers. This leads to excellent housing choices and a healthy real estate market, protecting your resale values in your community.

·        Environmental impact is reduced. Homes (and other products) are being shipped shorter distances, contributing less to pollution, which is better for our environment, of course.  

If you’d like to learn more about our building and local sourcing process, please reach out! We’d love to connect. Phone:  780-939-3584

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